I used to make pies like my French aunt showed me and like I learned at the Cooking school [the Cordon Bleu in France] until I met Penny. I took Penny's class and my way of making pies changed. It used to be a burden to make pie crust; need to plan how long it will take to make and how long the dough will need to sit in the fridge. Making pies was only something to do during the weekend when not working and not going out. With Penny's way, you can make pies every night if you want to. It's so quick and easy. You can make a quiche for dinner after work or any pie that you want. Since I went to the class and viewed the video, I have never went back to make pies the way I used to. The crust is so flaky and there is no guessing; you will get a perfect crust every time. The video is a nice complement to the class or is your personal class if you cannot make it in person. From now on, Penny's way is my way!

I learned to make pie dough easy and quick! The demo’s were great!

I was amazed how easy pie crust can be! I also learned about using honey instead of sugar.

Thank you for a great pie class! It's the best cooking class I've taken! And I really feel like I learned a lot today and learned methods that I will actually use! I'm anxious to try my first pie...and I'm not afraid! Oh, yeah, and guess what we ate for dinner? Right—4 kinds of pie! My husband loved them! Thanks again - it was so much fun and so informative!

Pie crust need NOT be intimidating! I learned you don't overwork the dough!

You just can't make a "bad" pie using your recipe! Even though I forgot the butter, the pie is still delicious thanks to good ingredients.  The apples are delicious and mixed with the honey, and lemon and orange juices and cinammon, it is still delicious. Hooray... maybe a good idea for those counting calories.
—Rose H.

I learned how “EASY” it truly is to make pie!

Making pie crust is so easy, now that I know Penny’s recipe!

Before taking your pie classes if wouldn't exactly say I was great at baking pies. Now I'm an expert!

...it's so quick and easy to make. It's easier than making a cake from a box!...Before doing my class I baked one pie per year (with a prepared pie dough.) Since Penny’s class I've made 15 pies in the last 8 weeks!

The Thursday before xmas I went to the South Pasadena Farmer's market and purchased Yukon Gold potatoes.  For xmas dinner I prepared a prime rib roast and made mashed potatoes, among other dishes.  I made my gravy from the drippings using the directions you sent to Sandy Montoya.  YUM!!!  Tomorrow night I am going to make my prime rib "pot pie" using my gravy and mashed potatoes. I have to thank you again Penny, because I thought I could not make gravy from scratch.  Mashed potatoes I always counted on mom to make.  So, I tackled it all myself with my new self-confidence in the kitchen.  I can hardly wait for the meal tomorrow evening... I'll let you know how it all turns out.  I talked to Sandy today and she made a pecan tart for xmas dinner.  We are both so lucky to have found you. Hope you have a wonderful 2006 year! 

Everything was covered in great detail! I really liked making my pie dough, and Penny’s relaxed style of teaching. I learned to make wonderful cherry, apple and pumpkin pie!

[I learned] that pie baking from scratch was easy! I was happy about my results in the first go!

I learned a lot, from making the dough and using the right ingredients, and how easy is was to start from scratch instead of using the store’s ready crust.

Here are a few of the responses we've had from Penny’s new video, "Simple, Fun & Foolproof Pie-Making for Everyone":

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful resource you have created with your pie making DVD. As you already know I am a professional Chef and I cherish having such a definitive and comprehensive tool for pie making. I recently took a professional baking class and wowed the class with the pie I 'magically' produced while they labored away with those awful and labor intensive pie dough recipes. The Video is so easy to follow that anyone can make a great pie. I had to write you to tell you that your video is a treasure. Thank you again. I look forward to showing my pies off to clients, friends and family for many years to come." 
Your loyal pie follower,
Chef Eviolet Guerrero

"I reviewed your pie class on video—it was excellent! The “review” section of the video was outstanding and so were the parts with the view from above. I can make a pie, and if I forgot something I can easily review it, which is very different and unique. Your video shows how to do it from in front, and from above, plus you describe what you are doing — which is different than all the famous chefs’ cooking videos. Foolproof — there is no doubt about it! — and when you brought in the little girl you saw how easy it is to do it!"

"My husband loves apple pie. In our 17 years of marriage, I never could bake a good apple pie — now I can! If I can bake a pie — from watching this pie class in DVD — anybody can!"
J. G.

"I always wanted to make the best pies — I gave up and went on to be the best cobbler person. Now, after I got the video, I can make pies! The first pie I made was a chicken pot pie, and I was nervous — my husband never eats pot pies. Later at dinner he said “You can make me a pot pie anytime - this pot pie is the best pot pie I've ever had!” I hosted a Christmas party for my husband’s work. I made a cherry pie with a lattice top and an apple pie. The guests raved how incredible those pie were! One of the guests wanted to take me home! I told him to send his wife over and I would teach her how to make these pies! He came by for 3 helpings and even licked his plate! The guests were eating the crumbs from the crusts where they fell on the serving table, instead of eating potato chips!"
J. P.


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Gene E. had a pie question and called in to Penny’s “pie support” line:

Gene: “I watched the pie class on video, and my first apple pie came out great! “I want to make them and give them as gifts to my friends — how do I get them out of the pie plate?”
Penny: “Have you ever made a pie before?”
Gene: “No, never!”

It turns out that Gene had bought an Emile Henry pie dish, as recommended in the utensil and resource guide that is included with the DVD. He didn't want to purchase a new one whenever he wanted to make a pie to give away (they are a bit more expensive than the tinfoil ones!) and, as a novice pie baker, was seeking advice. Penny got his questions all sorted out, and Gene went off to continue with his pie baking, armed with the knowledge of inexpensive pie dishes. Two weeks went by and the “Pie Support’ line rang again. It was Gene:

Gene: “Penny — do you have any recipes for Gooseberry pie? And how about Sweet Potato? I've been making all these pies and it's time for something different!”
Gene E.

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